Invest in the family facing cancer

When you support the Respite Transformed Campaign, you create a circle of love with arms outstretched for families traumatized by cancer. Your generosity seeps deep into the hearts of those in despair and brings hope in this crisis. You change lives, forever.

Pete set out to Change the Continuum of Care for Families Facing Cancer. We will finish his work!

To learn more, contact For Pete’s Sake founder, Marci Schankweiler, at or Campaign Director, Cheryl Pompeo, at or call our office at (267) 708-0510.

Check out our investment progress below!

Total Capital Investment Raised: $7.3M out of $20M

Capital 36.5%

Total Endowment Investment Raised: $3.9M out of $5M

Endowment 78%

Total Campaign Investment:



Capital for Land & Building


Addition to Endowment


March 2024

We are thrilled to share that the initial phase of construction for the Respite Center has begun, with the commencement of logging activities across the 32-acre site designated for this project. We invite you to view photos of the early stages of logging as well as an aerial perspective showcasing the breathtaking vistas that will soon be accessible to our FPS Families.

December 2023

We made the final application for the State’s RACP grant, for which we are asking for $5M capital. Also, James Hardie and Bradford White came on board to donate products for the Respite Center.

May 2023

Our building committee has been hard at work on the project scope and design. We are fortunate to have the support of Skanska, a world leading project and construction group, who has donated hours to develop a line-by-line estimate for all the project’s disciplines. The committee chairs are meeting with general contractors this month to review pricing so that we have a strong final cost for the Campaign. We are also awaiting the final approval for our National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit which should arrive in July. The current plan is to break ground in Spring, 2024.

February 2023

Great news! On January 23, 2023, we received our Conditional Use Permit for the Respite Center!  This permit now allows us to build the facility and we are moving full steam ahead! Our architect, Kimmel-Bogrette is finalizing the Design Development documents in collaboration with our Building Committee to ensure that every aspect of the building meets our families’ needs.

December 2022

We are in the final phase for our Conditional Use permit. Take a look at our Conditional Use Plan for the project and get a sneak peek at the building and the property.  There is such a peace that one finds in nature, and our families will be surrounded by such peace throughout their stay! Moreso, the land that abuts the property is in conservation, so we are looking at 57 acres of preserved, pristine land! We look forward to the 2023 and our momentum forward to change cancer care with the first dedicated Respite Center for families facing cancer.

October 2022

We had our first conversation with the Lackawaxen Township Planning Commission to share our plans to build the nation’s first cancer respite center in their community. This is only the beginning of our conversations to obtain approvals and permitting for our project. Our Cancer Respite Program served our 10,000th person through a travel respite experience at Woodloch.

June 2022

We executed the Agreement of Sale for the 32 acres at Woodloch. We have contracted with our architect Kimmel Bogrette for the remaining phases of design development and our civil engineers are working on our site plan. Our final drawings coming soon for our project.

January 2022

100% of the FPS Board and Campaign Committee make a pledge to the project! With proceeds from the sales of the FPS homes in FL, FPS surpasses $4,000,000 committed to the project.

December 2021

FPS secures a $1,250,000 gift to the Campaign.

November 2021

The Campaign committee gathered at Woodloch for a two day training session and some Woodloch fun. The group toured the site and symbolically marked the location with stones that will be used in the building. View pictures here of this training session and the dedicated group of volunteers spearheading this endeavor!