Our Present:

Uniting Families through Community

Cancer touches all, but FPS unites families, offering respite and a supportive community to lean on forever. Here, they find support and a lifelong network to grow with, rely on, and learn from indefinitely.

Respite grants families a break from the relentless routine of doctor visits, surgeries, tests, and treatments, creating the gift of time together away from the shadow of cancer. Families will create unforgettable memories and bond with others on the same journey, discovering the profound impact of respite and community.

We invite you to watch our video on the Respite Experience and learn more about what families encounter through this transformative experience.

The Respite Experience

Brought to Life

Travel in your car for a destination that is NOT a hospital or doctor’s office, and letting the anxiety associated with these visits fly out the window!

Play skee ball, pool and shuffleboard in the game room with family and new friends.

Explore renewed family connection and new friendships that last beyond respite.

Snuggle in front of the large hearth to read a book, write in a journal and reflect on special respite moments.

Rest peacefully in a well-appointed room surrounded by the still and calm of an expansive woodland backdrop.

Relax in the heated pool and watch the kids laugh carefree in the splash pad.

Calm the mind and body by starting the week with guided meditation and chair yoga

Embrace adventure and enjoy extra Woodloch amenities like rock climbing, go-karting and other outdoor activities.

Create keepsake family art projects, such as modeling clay pottery pieces, as a lasting memoir of respite experiences.

Write letters to God, caregivers, oncology teams and loved ones in the onsite sanctuary of the chapel.

Trade the oncologist’s office for a room with views from every window, perfect for reflection and conversation.

Join other families around the bonfire to share journeys, be encouraged and know that no family walks alone.

Nourish the body with healthy food and time together at indoor and outdoor dining areas — with no dishes to clean up!

Unite together as community for a daily flag raising gratitude ceremony.

Exhale while walking accessible nature trails, enjoying the healing power of fresh air and embracing the body’s ability to move.

Leave refreshed and committed to treatment protocols that best improve health outcomes.